When traveling abroad, large luggage often interferes with a pleasant trip.
It is also a good idea to store such large luggage in coin lockers at train stations and browse around.

Luggage storage is available on the train.

Korea Rail has coin lockers at almost all stations, and all trains are equipped with luggage racks.
For small items, use the overhead rack in the car, and for large items such as suitcases, use the luggage storage located in the aisle between the rooms.

Luggage storage at 'KTX-Ieum'


Luggage storage in KTX-Sancheon


Luggage storage in KTX


Luggage storage at SRT


ITX--Luggage storage in Saemaeul


Nuriro's Luggage Storage


Luggage storage on Mugunghwa Lake


Luggage storage for Airport Railroad direct trains

Incheon Airport direct train

High-speed trains such as KTX, KTX-Sancheon, KTX-Ium, and SRT have luggage storage in the aisle between the cabins.
ITX-Saemaeul and ITX-Cheongchun are in the room.

Because Mugunghwa is a modular train, there are cases where there is no luggage storage depending on how the train is organized.
You can relieve this anxiety by using Car No. 4 instead.

There is no lock on the luggage rack. But you don’t need to worry. It is also proof that the country is safe enough that there is no need for a lock. If you are still unsure, prepare a personal lock in advance or refer to the seat map below to request a seat with a view of the luggage rack when purchasing a ticket.

For the exact location of luggage storage for each train, please refer to the seat map for each train below.


Seat map for each train

Check the exact location of the luggage storage on the seat map