■ Find the train number on your ticket.

Because the train number guides you to the place you want to go the fastest.

So, after finding the train number on your ticket, check the platform for that train number on the arrivals and departures board.

■ Find the arrivals and departures board

Except for small stations, most stations have digital electronic boards that shows the departure and arrival of trains.

A fairly large station operates a separate electronic display that shows the departure and arrival trains, as well as the remaining seats.

For small stations, one billboard displays departure and arrival information alternately.

And this information is displayed alternately in Korean and English.

■ Third, although there is an entrance, there is no gate to check the ticket.

One of the characteristics of Korea Railroad is that there is no separate gate to check the validity of the ticket.

Therefore, you need to check the boarding area through the departure signboard, announcements, or information signs and enter the platform yourself.

On the train, the crew will selectively check the ticket by viewing the seat reservation through the terminal.

Even at the platform, you can find out which train to use through small electronic boards, information signs, and announcements.